Unveiling the Wedding Veil

There are such mixed feelings about the wedding veil.

There are such mixed feelings about the wedding veil. A veil is such an elegant accessory to your beautiful gown. Sometimes a girl will be adamant that they do not want to wear a veil until the right one is put on to suit the dress. Personally, I can’t go past a long veil as my first choice. It’s simply stunning. Whether it has lace edging, crystal flecks through it or just plain raw edge it will compliment your look and give a soft elegance to it. I do also love a finger tip length veil but anything shorter can remind me of the Flying Nun. The longer the veil, the softer it will fall around your shoulders. Don’t think of it as covering the back of your beautiful gown, either. You can still see the dress through a light veil even if it is floor length. The veil gives a formal setting for your ceremony and photos. Then you hook your gown up in a bustle, replace your veil with a motif headpiece and you have a whole new look ready for the party side of the evening.


Photography: Mathew Ree

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