Our Story

Silk and Style Bridal was born from a love of beautiful wedding gowns and a passion for joining a bride’s journey in planning their special wedding day.


The journey of a bride-to-be


“My journey in search of ‘the dress’ for my wedding day was not unlike that of many other brides-to-be.

Sure, I didn’t want to spend the equivalent of a house deposit on my gown, but I also wasn’t prepared to compromise on style or quality. I had an undying love of beautiful couture bridal gowns, with silk and style as my essential criteria.

In the search for my dream gown, I was mainly left overwhelmed, intimidated and disappointed.

And I wasn’t alone. I started asking my girlfriends and colleagues to share their stories. And what I found was that for the most part, we didn’t receive the service we deserved and had to make compromises.

But I believe you can have it all when searching for the dress of your dreams. And so I created Silk and Style Bridal as a fashionably fabulous alternative for Melbourne brides. I wanted to provide other women not only with value, but also with high-end glamour, personalised service and a beautiful gown to wear on their wedding day.”


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