Feel Amazing on Your Wedding Day!

Feel Amazing on you wedding day!

That’s our aim at Silk and Style Bridal. There are many elements to choosing your gown and fitting it that will all lead to you feeling amazing on your wedding day. From the moment you step into our boutique you will notice the difference. So many brides tell me so. ‘It’s so calm and lovely in here’ is what they say. We don’t rush you through an appointment and there is no limit to the number of gowns you can try on. Our appointments generally last for about an hour and it’s all about the bride in that whole time. You won’t feel like you are sharing your trying on experience with other brides and their over opinionated bridesmaids. You won’t feel you are one of many. It’s only you! The other difference you will notice is our gowns. They are of stunning designer quality. The fabrics, the design, the quality, the fit, the service. This all makes you feel like the journey was an enjoyable happy experience. So many brides don’t feel this and look for their wedding day as the start of the fun and enjoyment. The whole process is meant to be a great happy experience. We do everything to make you feel comfortable and at ease with the preparation of your wedding gown and accessories.


We don’t just want to sell you a wedding dress.


Photography: Con Milonas

Model: Emily Jackson

H&M: Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry

Flowers: Floral Pallete

Accessories: Fara Almasi

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